How to Write a Good News Article


News is the dissemination of information about recent events through various media such as print, broadcasting, postal systems or electronic communication. It may also be referred to as current affairs or world news.

1. The Five W’s

When writing a news article, you should first take into account the “5 W’s”: who, what, when, where and why. This will help you write a well-rounded and informative article that is sure to get your audience’s attention.

2. The Lead Story

A good lead story will inform your readers what the article is about and why it is important. This will keep your reader on track and ensure that they are able to follow the story throughout.

3. The Main Points

Once you have a clear idea of the main points of your story, you can begin to write it. Using the inverted pyramid format, start with the most important facts and then move on to less vital details until you have fully informed your readers about the topic.

4. Good and Bad News

There are many types of news that can be considered newsworthy. Some types are more significant than others and can influence your readers’ perception of the world.

5. The News Values

It is not uncommon for people to have different opinions about what constitutes newsworthy. This is why many journalists have a variety of news values that they use to select stories for their publications.

The news values are often based on certain models that journalists have developed to decide what makes an event newsworthy. These models include the Professional Model, Mirror Model, Organizational Model and Political Model.

Typically, news organizations choose which stories to highlight based on whether they have a strong impact and incorporate violence or scandal. Additionally, they consider their audience and the timing of the news.

6. The Uniqueness of the Event

The event must be unusual enough to attract the public’s interest. This can be achieved by creating interest through the loss of life, damage or natural disaster.

7. The Impact of the Event

This can be achieved by making a story more significant than it would be in any other way. This can be done by incorporating a large number of people and/or by highlighting the event in a new way.

8. The Fairness of the Story

This is important for all news stories to be written in an objective and fair manner. It is the journalist’s duty to cross check all the details of the story and make sure that it is true to the core.

9. The Quality of the Story

This can be achieved through focusing on a topic that is important to your audience and by writing a story that is unique. It can also be achieved by incorporating interesting quotes from your interviewees and adding pictures to help the reader to visualize the event.

When writing a news article, be sure to check it over with a friend or an editor. This can help you to double check your work and give you feedback on any mistakes or areas that need more explanation.